Partnership with Onlingo tutoring platform


Who can enjoy the Onlingo tutoring opportunity?

  • Any tutor with minimum teaching experience of 2 years ( Some confirmation might be required)
  • Tutor of any language
  • From any country
  • 18 years or older (some official ID is required)
  • With or without an accredited,  internationally recognized  teaching qualification,  For example:
  1. Bachelors or Masters degree in Teaching  (XXXXX)  Language
  2. CELTA 
  3. DELE (Spanish teaching)
  4. DITALS (Italian teaching)
  • Your are willing to allocate at least 20 hours per month to online tutoring
  • You enjoy teaching and  you experience  emotional reward seeing your students grow with your support  and helping them reach their full language potential ( for more about the kind of personality suitable for Onlingo tutoring check out FAQs for tutors )


What we offer?

  • Access to the Global language market- over 100 mio language learners worldwide 
  • Ability to teach from anywhere on the globe
  • Opportunity to earn extra revenue-some of our tutors are able to earn up to 1500 euro per month;
  • Regular coaching through our team of Tutor Success trainers (webinars)
  • 24/7  platform support with response within few hours
  • Online  Tutor support during 09.00 – 22.00 CET 
  • Continuous teaching tips for a more effective online tutoring sessions
  • Insights to online teaching resources
  • Rewarding loyalty programmes that generate  flow of new students and more revenues
  • One stop technology platform for convenient and comfortable tutoring 
  • Flexibility to work as much a tutor wishes  and whenever is convenient
  • Safe international payments every 2 weeks
  • Affordable  service fee for using our platform
  • Flexibility in price setting- a tutor decides on his/her own which price to set for his/her lessons
  • Marketing of our tutors  in key markets,  e.g.  EU, Russia, China