Q. What is onlingo?

AWe are an online Global Initiative- Live online lessons platform connecting language learners with language tutors. A learner can have live 1:1 online language lessons with any language tutor from around the Globe, at anytime, 24/7!


Q. Why should I use onlingo to find a tutor?

A. Onlingo provides an opportunity to learn effectively with experienced and qualified teachers  when you want, how you want and where you want, at an affordable price within your budget. The tutors who teach at Onlingo may or may not have a degree or certificate confirming their teaching qualifications. Those who do not have such a certificate are noted with  "Not Certified"  on their profile. However, such non certified tutors may have great experienced teaching  for many years and be suitable to support the learning efforts of various students.

We continuously  review tutors, making sure that we maintain a community of professional and highly motivated tutors. For example,   if a tutor is not replying regularly to messages, if a tutor misses lessons and more, then we take steps to exclude such cases in the future.


Q. How can I join the students’ community at onlingo?

A. on the Home page , you may click on “join student community”  and you will be directed to the page with a registration form to create an account at onlingo.

The following information is required to successfully complete your registration:

Full Name

Email address

Time zone of country of residence


It is very important to indicate your time zone during registration  to ensure that future lessons take place as scheduled. Our platform will coordinate the time difference between you and your tutor, and the times you see  are always adjusted according to  your current time zone.

After receiving  information required, we will create an account for you in a few seconds and send you the confirmation via email.

Please contact your support team at support@onlingo.eu if you have any difficulty  with signing up or logging in.


Q. How do I find a suitable tutor ?

A. Easy. Click on “Find my tutor” button from the main menu,

1. Choose  the language you want to learn through the filters menu,  and you will get a list of teachers .
2. View results and go into each tutor's profile  .  You may narrow down your selection of tutors by using some other criteria to filter the list of tutors , such as price/lesson, years of experience, skills of teaching, native or not, etc.

  • Each tutor profile  provides key information to help you in making a well balanced decision when choosing a tutor. You can study each tutor’s video introduction ( when available),  personal background, photo, price, experience and qualifications.   

Once you have selected a tutor, you may either book first few paid lessons or request a FREE or Discounted trial lesson to make a decision having personal impression of the tutor before committing to more hours of lessons.


Q. I haven’t received a response from a tutor I contacted. What now?

A. We recommend allowing up to 2 working days for tutors to get in touch with you, as unexpected circumstances can occasionally arise which delay a tutor’s response time. Also  please note that  we advise tutors to respond to queries within 48 hours – this is what we expect as part of the informal service level agreement between students and tutors.

If you hear nothing from a particular tutor after  2 working days , please contact us at
support@onlingo.eu  and we will address the matter the soonest possible.


Q. How do I pay for private lessons ?

A. Once you booked the lessons at the calendar of the tutor you chose, you will be directed to the payment page where you may pay for the lessons online.  Once you have paid  through Paypal  or Transferwise, ( soon Stripe )  then you will receive by email the confirmation of the lessons booked and the payment you just made for these lessons. The same information is confirmed to your tutor by email.  So, now you are ready to  start your language learning journey.


Q. What should I write in a  review?

A. We strongly encourage students to post reviews . These are so important in guiding other language learners  who are about to book a language course .
Key points to remember:
1. Be honest and polite – post facts with discretion
2. Specify what you like or did not like about the course or the tutor – give an example if it helps
3. Be to the point, and brief


Q. The tutors I am interested in  have no reviews from other students. Why?

A. We are a  young  online community! As  we grow and our network of tutors build their student network, you will see more and more reviews from other students.
Remember that  effective  tutors  that   are new to  our community  could be waiting for someone just like you to work with them and leave positive reviews!


Q. How do I evaluate the quality of the tutor I chose?

A. Reviews from students , and the Onlingo rating,  which can be found on tutor profile pages, reflect objectively the quality of the tutor. We are confident that tutors will always do their best  to deliver lessons that deserve compliments.  

Another point is to browse through the comments that students left for a tutor, and can be found in the profile of the tutor.

Finally , another good indicator might be the price/lesson.   For example, a formally qualified tutor is likely to be more proficient from the outset but he or she is also likely to be more expensive .


Q. How to book  a paid lesson?

A.  Once you are logged in:

1. find your tutor of choice in the “Find my tutor”  section, and  open the profile of the tutor you chose.  

2. Press the 'Book lesson' button.  You will see available time slots on tutor’s calendar for booking *

3. Pick time slot(s) that suit you best

4. Confirm the selected time for the lesson(s).

5. Then you will be directed to the page where the summary of the lessons selected  is shown with the amount to be paid. Once you paid, you will receive a confirmation of preliminarily booked lessons in your profile.

6. The tutor has 18 hours to confirm the PRELIMINARY BOOKING  you made.  Once the tutor confirms it within 18 hours after the initial booking, then you will see the lesson become a confirmed booked lesson, and you can contact your tutor via "Send Message chat"   for the prepare of the lesson.  If the tutor has not confirmed within 18 hours, then you will receive an email notification about, and you will follow the instructions in the email notification about further steps.

7. All your paid lessons are posted in detail in your account – under My lessons.

*If you do not see your tutor's schedule, it means that the tutor  is not available at the moment. Please contact your tutor or our support team for more information.


Q. What is Onlingo Live?

A. Students and tutors can connect easily through the  Onlingo Live  which provides a  quality and secure online learning environment, a kind of virtual online classroom.

If you encounter any difficulties  using it, our technical support team  will provide assistance  so that you may get back to your lesson as soon as possible! 

QHow do I go Onlingo Live?

A. You have access to Onlingo Live through your account  where you have lessons  and you may send messages to your tutor.

Also, you may find a link to your Onlingo Live sessions in the  reminder emails we send you before each lesson.

 The video chat used for each 45 – minute lesson is active 10 minutes before the lesson time, and for a period of up to 60 minutes from lesson time. To join the online lesson you need to click on “Start Online Lesson” button within the Onlingo Live virtual classroom.

Q. Can I access the Onlingo Live on my phone or tablet?

A. Yes, you’ll have full functionality on your phone or tablet, including video calls, file sharing and messaging, through the mobile version of our website  www.onlingo.eu

Q. Can I send messages to my tutor ? How will I know if I get a new message?

A. Yes, you can send and read messages through Onlingo   any time.  You’ll receive notifications about new messages through your account on the messaging icon. You will also receive an email notification that a message was received in your account chat message.


Q. Why should I use the Onlingo Live classroom for lessons

A. Onlingo Live  is an online video-chat platform especially  designed and tailored for live  lessons. With this technology we aim to improve the flow of lessons and to provide high quality and secure online learning experience.

Through live communication technology, we are able to simplify the workflow so that you do not have to leave the platform to conduct the lessons, thus saving time for all Users involved.  

  • We are also able to keep records of all the lessons that took place, so if a dispute shall arise we have all the necessary information to make an informed decision relatively fast.

We have received positive comments  from students and tutors who have used  Onlingo Live up to now! We are confident that you will find the experience of Onlingo Live very rewarding and you will enjoy it as well!


Q. What if I have technical problems and can’t complete a lesson?

A.  In the rare instances that the lesson cannot be completed through Onlingo Live, you should notify our support  team as follows:

1) click on the yellow triangle just under video chat screen and complete / send the Incomplete lesson report.  Once done, you will get a notification that you  can arrange for a different hour of lesson with your tutor's calendar/timetable.

The  detailed explanation of the problem you faced  will help our Technical support team resolve  the problem and work towards a solution as fast as possible.


Q. How can I give feedback or suggestions?

A. At Onlingo , we have been open to improving continuously your  learning experience . We constantly work  on making your learning environment  the best possible .  So, we will be happy to receive your comments in case you’ve found a problem or you have a suggestion, by  contacting our support team.


Q. How to reschedule a lesson?

A. Go to 'My lessons' menu in your account

Click on the card of the  lesson  you wish to reschedule. Then, click on “re-book” button

The calendar of the tutor will open and you may choose any new time slot which is available.

Then, just save the new time slot,  and the card of the lesson will appear in the lessons section with a new date/time.


Q. How to cancel a lesson:

A. Go to 'My lessons' menu

Click on the   scheduled lesson that you wish to cancel.

Click 'Cancel'button.

Once the lesson is cancelled, the amount you paid for the cancelled lesson will be returned to your  balance .

Note: According to our cancellation policy, you can only cancel/reschedule a lesson for free up to 12 hours before the scheduled lesson start time.

If you would like to cancel/reschedule a lesson after said period, please kindly contact your tutor through the message channel and discuss the possibility of doing so. However, please remember that tutors reserve the right to make the final decision regarding late cancellation/ rescheduling during 48 hours after the  lesson start time.


Q. What if my tutor missed a lesson?

 A. If you are unable to see the tutor, please kindly send a message and reach out to the tutor through the messaging button of Onlingo  – a tutor might have some emergencies and therefore unable to attend the lesson on time.

If after 15-20 minutes you are unable to get in touch with the tutor, and  If your tutor does not reply you back , then please do the following:

1) click on the yellow triangle just under video chat screen and complete / send the Incomplete lesson report.  Once done, you will get a notification that you  can arrange for a different hour of lesson with your tutor's calendar/timetable.


Q. What if I don’t get on with a tutor?

A.  With onlingo, you may get an impression of your  tutor  before starting  with lessons. Simply watch tutor’s video introduction, read the profile, see photos, and check reviews. You can even contact tutors directly via online messaging  to find out more and decide whether you are a good fit for one another before you book lessons.

In addition, most tutors offer free trial lesson or a 1st  lesson with substantial discount(50%), thus having the opportunity to get own impression without any big expense.

Finally, you may cancel remaining lessons with a tutor by clicking on the card of the lesson, which will direct you to the lesson dashboard, where you may click on Cancel lessons and then Reject.  Once the lesson(s) were cancelled, you receive a confirmation and your balance is updated. You may use the new amount in your account to book lessons with other tutor.

Q. Is it possible to refer  friends to join our students’ community  and share the rewards  of learning?

A.  Yes, the referral program offers benefits to you and your friends. You can invite your friends to register on Onlingo as students through the referral link. Copy and share the link with your friends!

For every friend you invited registering with our community with the link you shared:

  • They will get 5 euro off their first paid lesson
  • You will get also 5 euro  added to your  balance which can be  used during 1 month with any language lesson you may wish to book.

If you encounter any difficulties do not hesitate to contact your support team at support@onlingo.eu


Q. I forgot my password. How do I reset it in order to log in?

A. You can reset your password from the login screen by following the  "Forgot Password?" link at the bottom of your Log In screen.


Q. What form of payment is accepted to book  lessons ?

A. Credit, debit cards , PayPal  and Transferwise ( soon  Stripe

Onlingo accepts all major credit and debit cards , PayPal  and Transferwise as valid forms of payment for all bookings at the moment. All available forms of payment will appear on the check out page at the time of the booking. 


Q. I was incorrectly charged. What can I do? 

A. If you feel you have been charged in error, please contact us at  support@onlingo.eu  with a detailed explanation and we'll be happy to investigate.  Refund requests must be received by us within 30 days of the charge in order to be considered.  


Q. I don’t want to take classes anymore. Can I get a refund for my remaining classes?

A. All purchases  are final. When you buy classes  they are yours to keep and cannot be refunded to your original form of payment.  

However,  the remaining purchased lessons can be cancelled and refunded as credit, which you may then use to book with a different teacher.


Q. How do I delete my account and personal data from onlingo?

A. You can delete your student profile under the menu within your account by clicking on the 'Delete account' button .

We will ask to enter your email address used to register on our platform in order to confirm the deletion of the account.

For more about  General Data Protection Regulation and data deletion, see this