Loyalty and Rewards Programmes for Students

The purpose of our Rewards programmes is to show our appreciation to our tutors and students who trusted us and joined our Global initiative . Hopefully we help them  grow through our services and support in different ways. As a result,  we build a stronger, more positive relationship that can last for years.

In addition,  through our Charity programme with key charity organisations in Russia, China, Brazil , India, our tutors and students have the opportunity to share part of the rewards they receive with our charity partners to support small children who face serious life threatening diseases.

The programmes that reward those who join our Global Initiative are the following:

Promotion: get 5 lessons as a gift

The terms of the promotion are the following:

Period : from 15/2 - 31/3/21

The promotion will end when already 50 students participated or by the end March 2021, which ever comes first.

Any student, existing or new ,  who buys for the 1st time any lesson package can use this offer.

This offer is valid only for one such purchase.

The 5 free lessons are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Only part of the Onlingo Tutors community participate in this promotion, and are identified with a promo sign  on their profile. 


Ambassador Referral Programme

For every student referred, registered and paid  one lesson fully, the Referee ( the student who referred the new student ) gets 5 euros in his account, which he can use for paying any future lessons.  The Referred student also gets 5 credits in his account after his 1st  paid lesson to use for future bookings.

Each student has the right to refer up to 6 students till end of  November 2021

A total value of rewards can be up to 30 euro, which can give to a student up to 4 FREE lessons.

The credits rewarded during this programme can be used till end of December 2021!


Discounted lesson packages

Another way we would like to express our appreciation to loyal students who trust our service is through discounts offered on the price of the lesson.

The discounts below can be enjoyed by any student who  buys packages of 5 or 10 lessons in one purchase. 

Discounted Packaged Lessons

Students who book 5 or more lessons in one booking enjoy additional discounts as follows:

5 lessons booked 10%  Discount
10 lessons booked 20%  Discount