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Important matters before joining!
  • What is onlingo?
    We are an online Global Initiative connecting language learners with language tutors. A learner can have live 1:1 online language lessons with any language tutor from around the Globe, at anytime, 24/7!
  • How do I join onlingo?
    Follow these simple steps to get started:
    1. CLICK on the Join the global language initiative, and you will be directed to a new page to register
    2. Once you completed your initial registration and confirmed your email, then you will be directed to complete your account and profile details
    3. Make sure to complete all fields within your profile, including the uploading of such important info as copies of your teaching credentials, ID or passport, and an introduction 1-minute video about yourself.
    4. Once you have completed all fields, then you send it for our review and posting on our tutors’ list. Please note that our Tutor Profile review may take up to 2 working days. Once it is posted, you will receive an email notification. That`s it!
  • Which are the required teaching qualifications?
    We welcome native teachers, with 2 years of experience in teaching any of the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Turkish, and Chinese. A valid teaching qualification is an advantage. Many students want to learn a language to help them when they go abroad, focusing on the development of speaking skills. Therefore, they might learn best from a native speaker, Some other students will be extremely focused on grammar, preparing for exams or improving language skills for work purposes. In these situations, formally qualified tutors can be the most suitable option.
  • What does onlingo expect to see in a tutor?
    Tutoring is working with people! Energy, passion, inspiration and a positive attitude - key attributes of our Users - tutors. We also expect tutors to exhibit the characteristics of great teachers - patience, professionalism, honesty, and reliability. You should:
    • Start on time, be organised and friendly
    • make learning joyful, regularly encouraging your students
    • respond to contact requests within 48 hours
    • always welcome comments from your students
    Does this match your vision as tutor and your overall personality? Then we will be happy to see you among the members of our Global language initiative!
  • When can I start teaching?
    Once you have accepted onlingo Terms of Service, Privacy policy and created a complete profile, our Tutor support team will take 1-2 days to review and verify your profile details. Then, we will publish your profile in our Tutors section and you are set to start tutoring. Students from around the World probably are searching for a tutor like you!
  • How often do I receive payment?
    Tutors get paid every 2 weeks. New revenues of a 2 week-perios are transferred every last Sunday of this 2 week period (or a day later depending on the timezone of your country of residence). Onlingo is using 3rd party payment systems to transfer the revenues to tutors, such as Paypal.
  • Does Onlingo charge any fee?

    In order to maintain a high quality of teaching and learning experience, we continuously work to improve the environment we provide through our platform. So, we will need funding to be able to continue offering a comfortable experience. For this important reason, we take a service fee for each lesson, as follows:

    First paid lesson – (fully charged or Discounted) : service fee = cost of the lesson

    For all the subsequent lessons:

    Video Platform used Service Fee
    Onlingo 1.95 euro/lesson
    Zoom/Skype etc 1.45 euro/lesson

    For example, if your rate is 15 EUR per lesson, and you use Onlingo, we deduct the 1.95 euro service fee, so the rate to be paid to you is 13.05 euro per lesson!

  • What video technology can I use for my lessons?
    Lessons take place through Onlingo Live video chat, Skype or Zoom. Before the first lesson, we encourage you to communicate with your new student to agree which video communication platform will be used
  • How do new students find me?
    Your profile is in Search results. Depending on the quality ( completeness and video introduction) of your profile and your achievements as onlingo tutor, you will have corresponding position in the search results!