Loyalty and Rewards Programmes for tutors

The purpose of our Rewards programmes is to show our appreciation to our tutors and students who trusted us and joined our Global initiative . Hopefully we help them  grow through our services and support in different ways. As a result,  we build a stronger, more positive relationship that can last for years.

In addition,  through our Charity programme with key charity organisations in Russia, China, Brazil , India, our tutors and students have the opportunity to share part of the rewards they receive with our charity partners to support small children who face serious life threatening diseases.

The programmes that reward those who join our Global Initiative are the following:

Ambassador Referral Programme

For every tutor referred, registered, and delivered the 1st paid lesson, the Referre ( tutor who referred the new tutor) gets 1 whole month FREE service at our platform- no fees!!

Each tutor has the right to refer up to 6 tutors till the end of  November of 2020

That gives up 6 months of FREE service, a reward of total value of over 150 euro

All 6 months of FREE service can be redeemed till end of 2020! 


Reduced Service Fee Programme

Another way we would like to reward our loyal tutors are by reducing the Service fee/lesson we charge. This reduction can be up to 33% in service fee deducted from each lesson fee.

Any tutor who achieves a certain number of completed lessons can benefit from this programme, as follows:

Number of completed hours Service Fee
1–100      lessons 2.0 euro/lesson ( 13% service  fee of  a 15 euro/lesson )
101–250  lessons 1.5 euro/lesson ( 10% service  fee of  a 15 euro/lesson)
251 +       lessons 1.0  euro/lesson ( 6% service  fee of a 15 euro/lesson)

 For example, if your rate is 15  EUR per lesson, and you recently joined onlingo, we deduct  the 2.0 euro service fee, so  the rate to be paid to you is 13.00 euro per lesson!

If a tutor has achieved already 300 hours of teaching ( can be achieved within 1st year) then we deduct 1.0  euro service fee, thus the tutor receives 14.00  euro per lesson.