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Innes Forbes
Diploma type Certificate
Speaks French, Spanish, German, Italian
Teaching experience (years) 8


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15€/60 minutes
13€/60 minutes

About me

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I studied architecture and have a multidisciplinary arts background including film and music. I'm making a trailer for a film I wrote which includes some CGI animation. I like to read the New Scientist, literature and politics. I also like playing football and tennis.
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Previous experience

I've taught people of all ages, level and backgrounds. I mainly teach business English to multinational companies like Google and Daimler, but I but also teach individuals. I specialise in grammar, pronunciation and making learning easier and more fun!

Teaching Methodology

I tailor courses to students needs and find appropriate text or audio for context followed by short exercises to practice target language: one is guided and the second one is independently filled out by the student. After that is completed some free conversation using the new language is conducted. Feedback is given at the end then some homework which will be marked outside class and discussed in the following lesson after a warmup. I use my own colour coded grammar chart and illustrated practice sentences too which are popular with students.


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