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Igor Dias
Diploma type Bachelor
Teaches Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
Speaks English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese
Average lessons per student 1
Lessons completion 100%
Teaching experience (years) 10

About me

I am a very outgoing person and during my whole life, I tried to do my best. No matter what I am involved in, I always have a passion for what I do. About my personal life, I love Asian food, football, surf, fitness, and reading nice books.
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Previous experience

I am a polyglot, it means that I can speak several languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German. I started teaching Portuguese to Americans, Argentineans, Germans, and Italians here in Brazil when I was 20 years old, afterwards, I have been also teaching English to Brazilians. During the last 5 years, I have been teaching languages onboard cruise ships to Crew members.

Teaching Methodology

In my search for new creative endeavors, I was thrilled to find the Language Teacher opening. As an ambitious professional experienced in lesson planning, I believe that I would make an excellent addition to your team. Identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to business challenges are activities that drive and inspire me. Exploration, pursuit, and motivation are my frameworks for success. I believe that fresh perspectives and trying new techniques help businesses evolve and grow. Contributions to my former Language Teacher role, and this field at-large, revolve around my essential talents in alphasyllabary writing. I have developed strong abilities in customer service and fostered a reputation as a key contributor through communication and leadership skills. As a team player, I am collaborative with peers and search for ways to integrate valuable insights. Through these qualities, I have confidence in my ability to facilitate positive change and collective effort.


  • Children ( 6-12 y.o )
  • Teenagers (13 – 18 y.o)
  • Beginners
  • Work & Travel
  • Speaking
  • Business
  • Adults
  • European
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