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Racine Ashleigh Kuppusamy
Diploma type Certificate
Teaches English
Speaks English
Average lessons per student 0
Lessons completion 100%
Teaching experience (years) 5

About me

I am a South African Indian with English as my home language. In my spare time I play musical instruments and enjoy a good game of chess! Creative art is something I am passionate about and I find creating acrylic paintings to be theraputic!
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Previous experience

I have 5+ years in the educational field and I am passionate about teaching! I have taught students of all ages. I am highly flexible and understanding especially toward shy students.

Teaching Methodology

I ensure my content is constantly something students can relate to outside of the classtoom. I focus on my learners needs and all my lessons are tailored to their level of English. Another method that I make use of is, using my personal experience to relate to my learners and to help them have a better understanding of scenarios. I include props, music and loads of humor in my lessons.:) Assignments/homework will be given at the end of each lesson for further practise and will be corrected/marked at the beginning of a new lesson.


  • Children ( 6-12 y.o )
  • Teenagers (13 – 18 y.o)
  • Beginners
  • Work & Travel
  • Speaking
  • Business
  • Cambridge exams
  • Adults
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