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Alena Zinina
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Speaks English, Russian, Spanish
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I am an experienced English teacher with additional courses that focused on preparation and classroom management. I have completed a supervised teaching program to gain experience in the classroom. I have the training and knowledge to create lesson plans that teaches students the proper use of the English language, grammar, spelling and writing techniques. I am very creative and I have the ability to create lessons that are interesting enough to capture the attention of the students and to keep them interested in learning more. I have the knowledge to design tests and exams that will help to evaluate how well the students are learning and to make sure they fully understand the lessons before moving on. I also have communication skills with the ability to convey information to students, parents and school officials in a clear and easy to understand fashion verbally and in writing. I have the patience and dedication needed to work with teenagers and to maintain an orderly and safe learn
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Previous experience

Foreign Language Teacher online, May 2019 – Present Public online Schools, Moscow, Russia • Implement the curriculum through unit and daily lesson plans and learning tasks. • Incorporated selected best practices in lesson design and instructional strategies. • Managed to incorporate community resources into learning experiences. Foreign Language Teacher, April 2016 – July 2019 Linguistic Private School, Megion, Russia • Planned instruction and employed strategies addressing a wide range of learning, behavioral, and communication styles of the students. • Teaching English(A1-A2, B1-B2) and Spanish(A1) • Initiated and maintained consistent communication and developed contribution. • Attending the International language summer camp as a team leader, Spain, Tarragona. The Interpreter, Travel Agency “PROF TOUR”, Simferopol, Crimea, UA November 2009- July 2015 • Meeting people and working collaboratively with. • Ability to adapt to different situations to provide professional services

Teaching Methodology

CELTA: The University of Cambridge approved centre “Campbell College English School”, Valencia (Spain) • Taught pre- and upper-intermediate multilingual classes of 4-12 students in English as a Second Language • Tailored lessons according to research and analysis of student needs • Employed original and authentic texts; created activities targeting receptive and productive skills and language systems • Used and adapted materials from American Inside Out, English File 2, Reward Resource Pack, and Learning Teaching TESOL: INTESOL Worldwide, UK • Methodologies/ Approaches for Teaching Languages; • Classroom Management; Structure of English; • Issues in Presenting Language; Integrating the Four Language Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing. • Planning lessons, Teaching Vocabulary; • Practical Language Activities;


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