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Kate Gobinca
Diploma type Bachelor
Speaks English, Xhosa, Zulu
Teaching experience (years) 3


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About me

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I love talking to different people and I believe that my fun personality is the reason why I am able to connect with all kinds of people on a deeper level . One of my hobbies include swimming , dancing and playing the piano . I have met students from all over the world which has introduced me to many different cultures and dynamics .
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Previous experience

I have over 2 years of teaching experience both online and offline . I was fortunate enough to travel to China , Guangzhou where I taught beginner and advanced English . I have learned that many students can feel very shy and intimidated to speak to a Native English Speaker . However , once they become comfortable with my relaxed teaching skills and class environment , they begin to relax and enjoy my classes .

Teaching Methodology

I have a very simple way of teaching easy and difficult lessons . It is important to note that when dealing with kids , I usually focus on making the lesson as colorful and fun as possible . Children have a very short attention span which means that they can not focus for a very long time and that is why it is very important to incorporate as many props , songs and appropriate facial expressions as possible . I believe that repetition is the mother of retention when dealing with children . However , when dealing with my adult students , I usually assume the role of a trainer instead of a teacher . This helps my students understand that I see them as my equal which creates a level of trust and comfort in class . I know that most of my adult students want to practice their speaking skills which is why I usually have dialogue - focused classes . I allow my students to express themselves as much as possible and then correct them at the end or in-between when appropriate . However , when de


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