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Ngalieu Tienou Joseph Louis
Not Certified
Speaks English, French
Teaching experience (years) 13


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About me

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The great challenge of any is to impact his learners. For that I am confident, patient and competent in my subjects I really like to generate motivation and passion to my learners. I am fond of exploring new teaching methods. Football and reading are the most important hobbies I do like. They develop team work and critical thinking.
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Previous experience

Developing reading, writing, translation and critical thinking skills in High school students. I am an enthusiastic and professional language teacher with more than a decade of experience in helping students to learn how to cope with grammar, writing and translation skills while refining their own research. Here are some key skills : * patience * conflict resolution * team building and leadership * responsibility Institute Polyvalent Nanfah ( September 2015 till present. Teach English as Second language to French speaking Students. Notable accomplishments. - Prepare and deliver lessons - Evaluate and mark copies - supervise extra activities for students - participate in the class council and pedagogical seminars LAUREATES MODERN BILINGUAL COLLEGE ( September 2020 till now) Teaching French to English Speaking Learners Notable achievements - teach French composition/writing and translation skills to Lower and upper Art and SC. Learners Government High school Penka Michel

Teaching Methodology

I do use student - centered approach in my classroom. We learn in real life situations and the native language is forbidden in class. As teaching materials, I sometimes use maps, articles, videos students and text at the level of activity. Then my learners participate while monitoring their work, we sort out the rules in grammar, vocabulary, translation and composition. I do give them few text or sentences to translate, sentence completion and some topics to write at home or class.


  • Teenagers (13 – 18 y.o)
  • Beginners
  • Work & Travel
  • Speaking
  • Business
  • DELF
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