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Mishka Francis
Diploma type Bachelor
Speaks English
Teaching experience (years) 5


8€/60 minutes
8€/60 minutes
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About me

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Hello! My name is Mishka Tamarin Francis. I am 26 years old. I am a certified TEFL tutor/teacher. I have taught mostly Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean students.
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Previous experience

I have been teaching English for 5 years. I have helped my students secure jobs, seal business deals and reach their professional goals. Whether you would like to learn how to speak English as a hobby, to travel, for study or to communicate better with your business partners I would love to help you achieve your goals.

Teaching Methodology

Most of the older students I had just finished school or they were in high school. Most of my high school students were trying to better their English and get good grades. The older students wanted to learn how to use business English in the correct way since most of them were starting new jobs. I built a great relationship with all the students I had. Before class started we would get to know each other or even play educational games. I have a great passion for teaching and greatly look forward to working with your company.


  • Children ( 6-12 y.o )
  • Teenagers (13 – 18 y.o)
  • Work & Travel
  • Speaking
  • Business
  • Adults
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