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Editha Rosadia
Diploma type Bachelor
Speaks English
Teaching experience (years) 10


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8€/45 minutes
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8€/45 minutes
8€/45 minutes
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About me

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In my spare time, I enjoy meeting up with my friends and family, I also enjoy reading stories for my children, singing, and watching cartoons with them. Do not feel embarrassed whenever you make mistakes, you get an opportunity to learn new things. We will start from the basics. After each lesson, you will learn a lot. I am very eager to start guiding you. See you soon!
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Previous experience

Hello! I'm Edith from the Philippines. I got a bachelor's degree in English. It has been 8 years since I became an ESL teacher. I taught English to adults and children in Korea and Thailand. Obtained TEFL certification for TEYL or Teaching English to Young Learners. My teaching expertise is for kids and beginners. I guarantee, I would like to help you develop your abilities and enjoy your learning journey.

Teaching Methodology

. I specialize in pronunciation, accent and grammar. My teaching style includes TPR, modelling, correcting, giving rewards and many others.. Don't worry I am here to help and guide you as we learn the universal langauage together in an easy, simple and fun way!


  • Children ( 6-12 y.o )
  • Teenagers (13 – 18 y.o)
  • Beginners
  • Speaking
  • Adults
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