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Elsie Baloyi
Diploma type Certificate
Speaks English
Teaching experience (years) 4


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8€/60 minutes
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About me

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I love nature, travel, food, and education. I have a strong interest in mental health and social wellness.
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Previous experience

I have worked as a communications specialist in the corporate world for a telecommunications company, where my main responsibilities were aimed at improving and perfecting the delivery of all communications between key stakeholders and management. I am currently working for 2 online teaching platforms where I help my students to improve their communications skills. I focus mainly on interview preparations, conversation starters, debate and presentation training.

Teaching Methodology

My teaching style is tailored based on my student's needs. I provide personalized and structured lessons that will target my student's problem areas in order to help them improve in those key areas. I generally provide placement tests that will help in the assessment of my student's level to help me create a proper lesson plan for them which will be incorporated into their set goals.


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