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Good afternoon to whom this may concern I am 34 years old, have traveled through Europe while studying and being an Au pair for 3 children. They were between the age of 5 - 12 and I had to speak there language Dutch and I had to teach them English. I had to assist with home work and all their sports activities as well. I studying art and history while I was an Au pair. When I arrived back in South Africa I did my Bachelors in Interior Architecture and in my Second year and Third year I was head of my class and helped to teach. Throughout my years of working about 10 years, I was always available and more approachable by people to assist with programming or anything, I have a lot of patients and great with communication. Currently I am in Retail and working for PEPKOR, I have been assigned to do presentations for CPUT (Cape Town University of Technology) once a year to give lessons on Architecture and Retail. Further more love diving, hunting, writing, reading,hiking and running.
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Previous experience

As stated before briefly my teaching experience started when I was an Au Pair in Holland taking care of 3 children. from 5 - 12, 1 boy and 2 girls. Their IQ was very different from out children in South Africa on those ages and the middle daughter struggled with learning and she was very behind for her age. This was an challenge besides her stubbornness. I got her attention we went swimming and doing sport via that I started experiment with educational lessons. My Bachelors Degree I did my case study on CO-design. This was a big success and received and Distinction on this. I did experiments with children at our Science center to observe their behaviors and interaction skills. With their parents approval as well. Over the years with being in the Architectural industry CO - design with interaction between humans was always my passion.

Teaching Methodology

This depends fro subject to subject and student to student. Some children are more technical and some or more visual learners. I prefer to use both via card and symbols. I would say I prefer overall demonstrations and coaching style. I will also see how the student react towards how I do things and adapt around that.


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