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Ndumiso Innocent Mncube
Diploma type Bachelor
Speaks English
Teaching experience (years) 8


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About me

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I'm an easy, fun young adult. I always make sure that my students are having fun while learning. I believe that we learn easier when having fun and relaxed. I have achieved success through this in different countries such as South Africa, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. I love travelling a lot because I get to learn different cultures and backgrounds. They make you grow as a person and see the world in a different spectrum. I'm a football fanatic. I enjoy watching and playing football (soccer) across the world.
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Previous experience

I have been teaching for the past eight years. I taught in a high school and university across three different countries. I taught English and other subjects such as Mathematics and Biology. So far, it has been a wonderful experience for me.

Teaching Methodology

In my normal lesson, students are actively involved throughout the lesson. They are always treated as vessels full of knowledge from previous experiences. As a teacher, I use that to bring them to new knowledge. So this requires a lot of activities to be done in class such as group work, individual work, work in pairs, role plays, interviews. Worksheets are normally prepared for each activity to engage students. At the end of the lesson, students are given take home activities (homework) which will help them regurgitate what they learned in class.


  • Teenagers (13 – 18 y.o)
  • Beginners
  • Work & Travel
  • Speaking
  • Business
  • Adults
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