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Stefania Manunza
Diploma type Master
Teaches Italian
Speaks English, French, Russian
Average lessons per student 0
Lessons completion 100%
Teaching experience (years) 11

About me

My name is Stefania and I live in Cagliari, Italy. I have been teaching Italian for more than 10 years and I have been studying foreign languages for... well, my whole life. I am passionate about literature, history (and, of course, linguistics and philology) and I am a strong reader who prefers novels with more than 500 pages. I love books and definitely buy more than I can read, but I also like music - jazz and classical music mainly - and theater. I have a passion for opera: I know it sounds like a cliché for an Italian, but I swear it's just like that. I really like TV series that, when they are well done, absorb me just like great novels. And then I like technology, so not only old things!
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Previous experience

I have been teaching for over 10 years at L'Accademia, the school of Italian in Cagliari. L'Accademia trained me as a teacher, and this is where I have learned to personalize my teaching approach and my relationship with the students. The school is small: I have rarely had more than 4-5 students in my class, and in fact I have often worked with single students, especially online. For 5 years I have been teaching the course for the European Union interpreters and translators, for whom I create a specific curriculum and tailor-made materials every year. Many students return to L'Accademia: I like to think that it is a little bit thanks to me. I have also been teaching for 5 years in immigrant literacy centers. I mainly work with adults who are preparing for the Italian certification exam required to apply for a residence permit or citizenship.

Teaching Methodology

I do not have a preferred teaching method: I always adapt the lessons - as well as my materials - to the students I am working with. Over the years I have learned to listen to the students and to find with them methods and materials better suited to their needs. I spend a lot of time preparing my lessons: the materials I propose are chosen with care or created by me so that students will find them not only useful but also interesting. Whether they are in the classroom or online, in my lessons I always try to have a relaxed, serene and friendly environment in which conversation is the ideal background to work on those linguistic aspects that students need to learn or focus on. I have been studying foreign languages since I was a child. This allows me to be always "on the other side," which means to understand the person in front of me, how they feel when faced with challenges but also with the satisfaction learning a foreign language brings.


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